eBay for Charity

Do you like buying or selling on eBay? Did you know that you can now shop and sell via eBay and raise funds for Facial Palsy UK at the same time?

Shopping with eBay for Charity

When buying on eBay, simply select Facial Palsy UK as your favourite charity during the checkout process and you can automatically make a donation of your choice. Every small amount adds up to make a real difference for people affected by facial palsy. Donations are sent directly to Facial Palsy UK.

Selling with eBay for Charity

Registered eBay sellers can also donate a percentage of a sale to Facial Palsy UK. There are benefits for the seller because seller fees are discounted, the amount depends on the percentage of the selling price donated to the charity. More information about fee discounts can be found here.

eBay for Charity listings feature a blue and yellow ribbon letting buyers know that the auction supports a charity. It’s also a great way to raise awareness of our cause with a new audience.

To find out more about sell with eBay for Charity click here or watch the video below..

After an eBay for Charity listing ends, the seller receives payment from the buyer as normal. PayPal Giving Fund will then collect the donation from the seller and pass it on to the seller’s intended charity.

Gift Aid it!

Don’t forget, if you are an individual UK taxpayer, you can add gift aid, boosting your donation by 25p for every £1 donated. Please note before ticking the gift aid option that you must have paid the same amount or more of UK income tax and/or Capital Gains Tax and you are responsible for any tax shortfall. For more information about gift aid rules click here.

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Last reviewed: 10-11-2016    ||    Next review due: 10-11-2018