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Open letter to the Daily Mail 02/11/2017

Responding to a Daily Mail article dated 26 October 2017 which used unacceptable language to describe a person’s experience of Bell’s palsy in pregnancy.

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General e-newsletter: Our Autumn update

This is our general newsletter for Autumn 2017 giving information about our forthcoming AGM, research news and more.

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Fabulous Fundraising

Read about our fundraisers’ activities over the past few months and find out easy ways you can help raise funds for Facial Palsy UK.

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Can a tick bite paralyse your face?

Lyme disease cases are on the rise in the UK with an 3,000 estimated new cases reported each year by the NHS. Commonly mistaken for Bell’s palsy, it’s important health providers know the symptoms of Lyme disease.

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Celebrity advice risks increased complications after facial paralysis

Facial Palsy UK warns that people should not ignore the evidence based treatment for Bell’s palsy in favour of celebrity advice.

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London Family Day

Read about what we did at our London Family Day in February 2017. Facial Palsy UK organises family days for children with facial palsy and their families.

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Spring Newsletter

Our Spring Newsletter updates you about our activities during the recent Facial Palsy Awareness Week, forthcoming plans and initiatives.

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Patient and GP Information Videos

Are you a health professional and interested in creating facial palsy information videos for GPs and patients? We want to hear from you!

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Winner of Facial Palsy Awareness Week One Minute Brief Competition

We are delighted to announce the winner of our One Minute Briefs Competition organised for Facial Palsy Awareness Week.

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Botox Helps Paralysed Faces Infographic

Infographic about the effects of synkinesis in facial palsy created for Facial Palsy Awareness Week 2017.

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Amazing Face Infographic

Check out Facial Palsy UK’s ‘Amazing Face’ infographic for Facial Palsy Awareness Week 2017.

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Don’t Blink and You’ll Miss It

For Facial Palsy Awareness Week, Karen Johnson writes about blinking and why when you lose the ability to blink it has such an impact on your life.

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