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Have you had or suspect you’ve had Ramsay Hunt syndrome? Please complete our comprehensive survey which aims to raise awareness about this often overlooked condition.

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Survey Results

Facial Palsy UK Awareness Survey Infographic 2016 (click to launch pdf)

Awareness Survey Infographic 2016 (click to launch pdf)

General Public Facial Palsy Awareness Survey 2016

This survey was carried out in collaboration with Research Now in February 2016 with results released 1 March 2016. Please click the link below to open the published report.

Facial Palsy Awareness Survey March 2016

Bell’s Palsy Survey Results 2014

The survey opened 28 February 2014 and closed 30 March 2014. Please click the links below to open the published reports.

Bell’s Palsy Survey – England Demographic March 2014
Bell’s Palsy Survey – Worldwide Demographic March 2014

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