Campaign for better services for people with facial palsy

The following are ways that UK citizens can help our campaign for better services for people with facial palsy.


Sign our UK government petition which runs until 1 September 2019. We are asking the government to encourage greater awareness of the impact of facial palsy in the UK – sign here. (Please don’t forget to click the link in your email to confirm you want to sign.)

Write to your MP

Lobbying your MP or MSP can be a powerful way of helping to improve health care for people with facial palsy in the UK. It is particularly important to share your experiences if you are being denied treatments that you feel could benefit you.

Visit the parliament website to find your MP by name, constituency or postcode.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, health is a devolved matter.

You can contact your MSP or Jeane Freeman. See this website for more information:

In Wales you can contact your Minister or Vaughan Gethin. See this website for more details:

In Northern Ireland there is not a health minister currently.

Send an email or letter explaining the issues that affect you.

We have produced a template which you can adapt to suit your own circumstances if you prefer.

Last reviewed: 04-03-2019    ||    Next review due: 04-03-2020