How We Use Your Funds

Fundraising income is used by Facial Palsy UK to develop a wide range of services to help people with facial paralysis. We also intend to perform research into new treatments and surgeries, how facial palsy may be prevented, and more. See below for further information about how your funds are used:

Local support groups across the UK

Facial Palsy UK is still a fledgling charity and currently has ten support groups. We intend to create a network of support groups right across the UK, ensuring that everyone can benefit from what has proven to be a much needed service. Support groups offer a safe and friendly environment where people with facial paralysis can talk to others who share similar experiences. Groups are assisted by a qualified health professional where possible or experienced volunteer. People with facial palsy really benefit from these support groups, mainly due to the fact that facial paralysis is such an isolating condition.

Family days for children affected by facial palsy and their families

Our family days enable children affected by facial palsy to meet others affected by the condition. This helps reduce social isolation and builds self-esteem. It is also an opportunity for parents to connect with other families and exchange information about surgeries and treatments, as well as share personal experiences.

Information for people with facial palsy

Facial Palsy UK provides easily accessible information and support for people living with facial palsy, their relatives and carers.

Information for health professionals

Facial Palsy UK also provides information and support to health professionals, as well as training those involved in the diagnosis of facial palsy.

Raising awareness

Facial Palsy UK aims to educate others about facial palsy, increasing awareness of the condition and its social, physical and psychological consequences.


Facial Palsy UK plans to raise funds for vital research into:

  • New surgeries and treatments.
  • How facial palsy may be prevented.
  • The effects and consequences for people living with facial paralysis.

If you would like more information about fundraising for Facial Palsy UK please contact us on

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