Write your own Press Release

Are you organising an event for Facial Palsy Awareness Week and want to get it featured in your local newspaper? Here is a format for how to write a press release. It’s good practice to limit press releases to approximately 300-350 words, featuring the key information presented with an angle in mind.

Headline: Snappy summary about your event (keep to between 90-120 characters incl. spaces)

Subheading: This isn’t a required part of a press release but it can be thought of as an add-on to the title. If using a subheading make it descriptive and build on the headline. It should further elaborate on what was initially stated in the headline and be interesting so as to further hook the reader. Make it around 20 words in length although a little longer if necessary.

State where images available from here.

Paragraph 1: Introduction. Should contain a summary of the key information, including answers to the 5 w’s (who, what, where, when and why).

Paragraph 2: Provide more details to the information outlined previously.

Paragraph 3: Include a quote from you or someone relevant to the release to add credibility to the story, making it more personable.

Paragraph 4: Add any extra relevant information here, expanding on the previous quotation.

Paragraph 5: An additional quote to expand further on the themes and ideas already mentioned.

Paragraph 6: Conclusion. End the press release with a summary of any other information and summarise what has already been said.

Notes to Editors:

  • List contact details you are happy for journalists to use to get in touch should they require further information.
  • Include the following text about the charity at the bottom of your press release:

Facial Palsy UK (www.facialpalsy.org.uk), is a charity established 2012 so that every person in the UK affected by facial palsy can have access to the best information, treatment and support available.
For more information about Facial Palsy Awareness Week visit: https://www.facialpalsy.org.uk/awareness

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Last reviewed: 20-08-2019    ||    Next review due: 20-08-2021