Leave a Legacy

We are a small national charity changing lives for the better. A gift in your Will to Facial Palsy UK will make a significant difference to the work we are able to do.

Whether you have a Will already, or you’re planning to write your first Will, it really isn’t hard to do. To make sure your wishes for your family and any charities can’t be misunderstood later on, it is best to use a solicitor.

What are common types of legacy gifts?

There are different ways in which you can leave a legacy gift to Facial Palsy UK:

  • Residuary gifts are when a person bequeaths a percentage or remainder of their estate rather than a set amount. It is a good way to ensure your loved ones are taken care of first, while still leaving a gift to your chosen charity.
  • Pecuniary gifts are specified sums of money. If you would like a gift of money to keep its value over the years, it is best to get advice from a solicitor.
  • Specific gifts are things, such as a painting, a house or jewellery.

How do I make a will?

If you do not have a will already, the best advice is to consult your solicitor. Making a will is neither complicated nor expensive. You can find a solicitor in your area through the Law Society.

Please note that it is vitally important to keep your will up to date so that it reflects your wishes at the time of your death. Whenever your circumstances change you should update your will, for example, if you get married, have a child, become divorced, or if your partner dies.

Can I add a gift to Facial Palsy UK to my existing will?

If you already have a will, it is simple to add a bequest to Facial Palsy UK. This is done by completing a codicil, a legal document which acts as a supplement to your will. A codicil is very useful because it means you can make changes and additions without having to rewrite your entire will. It is still important however to always ensure your will is up to date.

It’s important to add a codicil under the guidance of your solicitor, because if you make changes then you could inadvertently invalidate your will. You will need two independent witnesses to sign your codicil.

Our details for your solicitor

Your solicitor will need our details, please remember to use our full name Facial Palsy UK, our registered charity number and the correct postal address:

Facial Palsy UK
Sunderland Road
Market Deeping

Registered charity in England and Wales (1148115) and in Scotland (SC045086).

What if I only have a small sum to leave?

A legacy can be of any size, it is a common misconception that a legacy has to be a large amount of money. Any gift you make, no matter how small or how large, will be important to Facial Palsy UK.

Where can I find out more about inheritance tax?

You can find out the latest information about inheritance tax at https://www.gov.uk/topic/personal-tax/inheritance-tax.

Do I need to advise Facial Palsy UK of my intentions?

You don’t need to inform us if you intend to remember us in your will, but we would be grateful if you did. Informing Facial Palsy UK of your intentions will enable us to ensure that your final wishes are fulfilled.

We sincerely thank you for considering leaving a legacy to Facial Palsy UK.

We are happy to discuss options should you wish your bequest to be directed to a specific project or cause. Please contact us on 0300 030 9333 or by email on fundraising@facialpalsy.org.uk.

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Last reviewed: 07-12-2018    ||    Next review due: 07-12-2020