Volunteers perform a vital role in our charity. If you are interested in volunteering for Facial Palsy UK there are many ways in which you can help. To ensure you are kept up to date with all our latest news we recommend joining our community, it’s free! Visit the link below to find out more:

Join our community

I’ve been a support group volunteer for the past year, helping coordinate the Manchester Support Group. I love my role and take great pleasure in helping other people with facial palsy. I grew up with this condition and in those days there was no support and I felt isolated and alone. Being a volunteer gives me the opportunity to meet other members, and give them both emotional and practical support, and hopefully make their lives with facial palsy a little easier. It feels great to help make a difference. – Sherry, Kendal.

How do volunteers help us?

Here are just some of the roles our volunteers undertake:

  • Support group facilitator
  • Befriending/buddying volunteer
  • Facebook group moderator
  • Marketing/digital marketing volunteer
  • Fundraising volunteer
  • Events volunteer
  • Admin volunteer
  • Public speaker
  • Media volunteer
  • Research volunteer

Current Opportunities

Find out about our specific opportunities here.

How do I register my interest as a volunteer?

If you would like to express your interest in volunteering for Facial Palsy UK please email volunteers@facialpalsy.org.uk or telephone 0300 030 9333.

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