Research opportunity – user experience testing

January 31, 2020

Technology company Emteq are seeking participants for user experience testing in the Brighton area next week.

Improve Facial Palsy With ResearchThe purpose of the study is to develop a device which will allow people living with facial palsy to carry out their facial exercises more easily. Many people with facial palsy struggle with exercises to control involuntary facial movements (synkinesis), and also to  relax tight facial muscles. Firstly, exercise regimes require people to look in the mirror in order to learn how to relax a muscle or stop involuntary movements. Many people dislike using the mirror, as their reflection reminds them of their condition. Secondly, people find it difficult to consistently set aside time to carry out their exercises. Thirdly, mirror feedback does not tell you whether you are exercising correctly. All these issues create barriers to exercising in front of the mirror which may mean that people do not achieve their optimum outcome through lack of adherence to their facial therapy treatment programme.

For more information about the project please download the pdf: Improve Facial Palsy – info sheet

Any questions about the project should be directed to Claire at: and not to Facial Palsy UK.

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