Statement on COVID-19 – Facial Palsy UK Medical Advisory Board

March 13, 2020

We have had a number of enquiries about COVID-19, and in particular whether there is any evidence for increased risks to those affected by facial paralysis. We are monitoring the government advice and published research, but are not aware of any data that indicates any specific increased risks. However, as the virus accesses the body via moist surfaces such as the eye and mouth, theoretically there are reasons to be extra careful with hand hygiene. People who may touch their face more regularly than average include those who have to regularly apply eye lubrication, have a watery eye, or have difficulty eating/dribbling. Regular hand washing and the use of disposable tissues is recommended for everyone to minimise disease transmission.

We cannot offer individual medical advice and suggest you seek advice on specific concerns about COVID-19 and your medical conditions from your doctor. There are the NHS guidelines for COVID-19 at this link–


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