Personal Stories

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Ollie’s Story

Ollie wants patients with facial palsy to have access to more support and treatment.

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Becki’s Story

Becki’s Bell’s palsy diagnosis turned into an acoustic neuroma diagnosis seven years later!

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Chris’s Story

Previously a league badminton player, Chris’s acoustic neuroma diagnosis changed her life.

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Emma’s Story

Emma says it has taken ten years to finally start to get some movement back in her face.

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Jan’s Story

Jan wasn’t fully prepared for the functional problems that would arise from facial palsy.

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Julie’s Story

Julie developed facial palsy in her teens after surgery to remove a growth on the acoustic nerve.

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Julie A’s Story

Julie urges people with facial palsy due to acoustic neuroma it is never too late to seek help.

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Lucy’s Story

Just before her 25th birthday, Lucy found she had an acoustic neuroma the size of a pear.

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Nick’s Story

Nick lost his smile to an acoustic neuroma, but surgery has enabled him to smile again.

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Sara’s Story

Surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma damaged Sara’s facial nerve on one side.

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah was left with facial paralysis after having surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma.

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Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia was left with facial palsy after surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma.