Northern Ireland Network


Further information about the network

Join the Northern Ireland network in order to meet others with facial palsy and gain mutual support. Janet who founded the network has been lobbying medical professionals and government for better treatment for people with facial palsy in Northern Ireland since 2016. The first campaign meeting was held in Belfast in February 2018, present were politicians, eye surgeons, plastic surgeons, ENT, physio and most importantly patients. Future meetings are planned.

The easiest way to keep updated is to join the Northern Ireland Network Facebook Group:

The Facebook group is a place for you to interact with other members of your local support group/network, share stories, photos and discuss any aspect of facial palsy. Health professionals may be in this group but they are unable to offer specific medical advice. There may also be government officials or other people who are helping with the campaign for services. It is important they know the struggles people face so they can push for change.

Whatever the cause of your facial palsy, if you live in Northern Ireland, please join this group to ensure your voice is heard.

Email: Northern Ireland network enquiry

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