Zoom Group Guidelines – Children

Our Facial Palsy Family Days offer a safe and welcoming environment. We want to duplicate this when delivering an online group session via Zoom. Therefore, these guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe and secure,  which everyone attending is expected to follow:

  1. There will be a limit to nine families attending each session.
  2. To be careful about what is being discussed by adults, e.g. please don’t comment on a child’s facial palsy such as how noticeable or not noticeable it is. If the children want to discuss facial palsy then this is fine. We just want these conversations to flow naturally between children. These sessions are about meeting new friends and reducing isolation. Good topics to discuss might be what their favourite television programme is, are they reading a book at the moment? Please do not discuss medical topics because it could frighten some children. If you want to discuss surgeries with other parents we can arrange a separate meeting for that without children.
  3. If you don’t want your child to be seen on screen we suggest showing a teddy bear or puppet on screen instead, rather than switching the video off. You can just say your child is a bit shy at the moment. This keeps it interactive for other people in the meeting.
  4. The parental guardian must always login to the session, not the child.
  5. The meeting will be locked five minutes after the start time or before if everyone is present. Please try not to be late.
  6. The parental guardian must be present during the whole meeting.
  7. To not share the group password with anyone without prior permission from Facial Palsy UK.
  8. To not private message other parents without their prior permission.
  9. To respect each other’s right to privacy by keeping information you see or hear to yourself- do not share.
  10. Please be respectful to everyone and not use abusive or threatening language – no matter how you are feeling.
  11. To avoid unnecessary noise and distraction we ask that you do not smoke/vape or eat, and keep your phone on silent whilst the group is in session. Though you are welcome to bring a cup of tea or soft drink and a snack!
  12. Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol whilst attending sessions is prohibited.
  13. To keep all distractions to a minimum, including silencing your phone and not accepting a call.
  14. To dress appropriately for video sessions.
  15. As we hope to create a supportive environment we ask that you do no record, screenshot or take photographs of the sessions.
  16. Please do not promote services or products for personal gain.
  17. No one should screenshare during the session other than the host. The host should only do so if presenting content as part of delivering the session (the host will switch off screen sharing at the beginning of the meeting).

Last reviewed: 28-05-2020    ||    Next review due: 25-03-2022