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Our growing community is made up of people with facial palsy, parents, family members, friends and health professionals. Our community are at the heart of everything we do.

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  • We won't trade or sell your data to anyone else ever. We won't pass on your data to anyone else without your explicit consent, for example, you may wish to be put in touch with a local person affected by facial palsy or you may wish us to write a letter to advocate on your behalf to another organisation such as your GP surgery. We will always seek your specific consent for such activities. We might sometimes need to share data with a third party, for example if we send out a large mailing, the mailing house may need your name and postal address. We will only work with companies that abide by the same laws, and privacy and care of information will be a vital condition of any contract entered into with third parties.

There is a lot more information in our full Privacy Policy which can be accessed here.