join-our-community-6People affected by facial paralysis have a unique set of problems to deal with. We explain the various surgery options and treatments that may be available to someone with facial palsy. We also provide a comprehensive range of patient guides to help people living with facial palsy.

If you are newly diagnosed we can help guide you through what to expect next, and our local support groups and online discussion groups can bring you together with people going through similar experiences.

Information in this section

  • Adult local support groups – local support for adults with facial palsy.
  • Families & friends – for those trying to support a loved one with facial palsy. Advice for parents, carers, family and friends.
  • Patient experiences – we are gradually adding Patient Experiences about therapies and surgeries.
  • Patient guides – our range of patient guides provide practical information and everyday tips for people living with facial palsy.
  • Referral to a specialist – information about when and how to seek a referral to a specialist for further help.
  • Self-help videos – management of synkinesis, when the face is floppy and relaxation videos.
  • Surgery – find out more about the various surgery options that may be available to a person affected by facial paralysis.
  • Treatments & therapies – review the different medical treatments and therapies that may be used in the care and management of facial paralysis.
  • Useful information – information about advocacy, bullying, your rights, online support, other organisations that offer support, NHS complaints and more.
  • Work – information about support available to you and your employer.
  • Join our Community – Our growing community is made up of people with facial palsy, parents, family members, friends and health professionals. Our community are at the heart of everything we do. There is no fee to join our facial palsy community.

Last reviewed: 20-02-2021    ||    Next review due: 21-02-2023