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Specialist Teams Engaging in Facial Palsy Awareness Week

We were delighted to hear that despite the pandemic specialist facial palsy teams were still promoting Facial Palsy Awareness Week.

March 23, 2021    ||    News Categories: Facial Palsy Awareness Week  /    ||    Tags: awareness week  /

A Trustee’s look back over the past year

A review of the year by Facial Palsy UK Trustee Mandy Brailsford, discussing how the pandemic affected the work of the charity and more.

February 28, 2021    ||    News Categories: General article  /

Facial Palsy and Covid-19 vaccine

Please read our update from Facial Palsy UK’s Medical Advisory Board about the covid-19 vaccine and Bell’s palsy.

January 11, 2021    ||    News Categories: General news  /

Thank you

We want to say thank you for all your support during what has been a difficult year for everyone.

December 24, 2020    ||    News Categories: General news  /

Singing Choir for People With Facial Palsy

A singing choir opportunity for people affected by facial palsy across five weekly sessions beginning 7 September 2020.

August 14, 2020    ||    News Categories: Events  /

Care for dry eyes when using hand sanitiser during the coronavirus pandemic

Regular and thorough cleaning of hands has been advised since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is to prevent the transfer of the virus from hands on to surfaces which others may touch. Washing your hands with soap and water, as well as the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers are both recommended. Hand sanitisers […]

July 28, 2020    ||    News Categories: General article  /    ||    Tags: covid-19  /

Volunteers wanted for a study about how facial therapy can be improved

Researchers at the University of Westminster are seeking volunteers for a study about therapy for facial palsy.

May 28, 2020    ||    News Categories: Research  /    ||    Tags: facial palsy  / research  /

Urgent Appeal from Facial Palsy UK

We are reaching out at a critical time for many, including our charity. We are currently planning how to survive the COVID-19 crisis and would be grateful for your help.

April 25, 2020    ||    News Categories: Fundraising news  / General news  /

Easter Update from Facial Palsy UK

Our Easter round-up with details about support we are offering, links to interesting articles and research opportunities.

April 10, 2020    ||    News Categories: General news  /

Research study: The role of attributions, shame, and self-compassion on the mental health of individuals with facial differences.

This study investigates whether attributions about the negative reactions of others affect the mental health of individuals with facial differences, and whether shame and self-compassion plays a role in these attributions.

April 9, 2020    ||    News Categories: Research  /

COVID-19, counselling and wearing a mask

Lorraine Thurston reflects on her previous work with Facial Palsy UK, and how in her new job wearing a mask has impacted the way she connects with people.

April 7, 2020    ||    News Categories: General article  /

Facial Palsy UK statement on COVID-19 and Bell’s palsy

Facial Palsy UK’s statement about the use of oral steroids to treat acute onset facial paralysis in relation to the current COVID-19 virus pandemic.

March 20, 2020    ||    News Categories: General news  /