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Inaugural Facial Paralysis Rehabilitation Conference for Health Professionals

Inaugural Facial Paralysis Rehabilitation Conference – educating health professionals about facial therapy and Botox for patients with facial palsy.

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Varicella Zoster Virus, Herpes Zoster Oticus and Facial Palsy Mnemonic

We created this mnemonic to help generalist clinicians understand the differential signs to look out for when a patient presents with symptoms of Bell’s palsy.

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April Newsletter: Facial Palsy Awareness Week, Parliament Exhibition & more

Read our latest updates about Facial Palsy Awareness Week news, our Ramsay Hunt syndrome exhibition in the House of Commons and more.

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Facial Palsy Awareness Week News & Stories

Media and website stories about facial paralysis were shared during Facial Palsy Awareness Week 2018.

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Ramsay Hunt syndrome – how patients are being ‘let down’

Patients with Ramsay Hunt syndrome are being let down by delayed diagnosis and lack of follow-up care.

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Facial Palsy Awareness Week, Conference Survey And Research

Read our latest newsletter about Facial Palsy Awareness Week, Research, Support Groups, Conference survey and more.

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Stuart’s Story – The One Show 08 December 2017

Facial Palsy UK’s Media Volunteer Stuart is featured on the One Show Friday 8 December 2017. Find out more about help and support available.

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Supporting Facial Palsy UK this Christmas

Are you looking for ways to support Facial Palsy UK this Christmas? Find out where your money goes and how you can help.

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Annual General Meeting – Presentations and Photographs

Our recent AGM at East Berkshire College was a celebration of the work of the charity and an opportunity to say thank you to the many people who support us and make the work we do possible.

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FRAME Project Research Participants needed 12th & 15th Dec 2017

We are currently recruiting for further preliminary testing of our FRAME technology. These are not the main trials which will begin in 2018. Find out more.

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Open letter to the Daily Mail 02/11/2017

Responding to a Daily Mail article dated 26 October 2017 which used unacceptable language to describe a person’s experience of Bell’s palsy in pregnancy.

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General e-newsletter: Our Autumn update

This is our general newsletter for Autumn 2017 giving information about our forthcoming AGM, research news and more.

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