Lower Eyelid Surgery

The aims of this are to lift the lower eyelid and improve its position, reduce watering and increase the closure of the eye. Medial canthoplasty is performed in the corner by hitching the inner part of the lower eyelid to the inner part of the upper eyelid with stitches, This can be done under local anaesthetic and is a short procedure. The same can be done at the outer part of the eye using stitches to the covering of the outer wall of the bone (lateral canthal strip or lateral canthopexy). The central part of the eyelid is difficult to lift and may require a larger operation called a scaffold procedure where tissue is inserted into the middle of the eyelid (often from the nose or ear). This physically lifts up the lower eyelid. It may require a skin graft over the front in order to lift the eyelid further.

The main risks with lower eyelid surgery are that the lower lid may droop or sag again in the future due to the effects of gravity. There are scars associated with the surgery and it can be very difficult to reduce watering with any kind of lower eyelid operation.

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