Facial Palsy Awareness Week Quiz

How much do you know about facial palsy? Take our quiz and find out.


Facial Palsy Awareness Quiz

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Who can get facial palsy?

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How many different causes of facial palsy are there?

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What is the most common cause of facial palsy?

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What medication is currently recommended in the UK for Bell's palsy by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence?

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When shingles affects the facial nerve causing facial palsy, what is the condition called?

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What is the recommended medication for Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

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What are the common early signs of Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

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Which patient group is at higher risk of developing Bell's palsy?

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Facial palsy can be caused by a tick bite as a result of which condition?

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Moebius syndrome affects both the sixth and seventh facial nerves, often on both sides of the face. What happens when the sixth facial nerve does not work?

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What is synkinesis (pronounced sink-eye-nee-sis)?

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How many different physical issues are associated with facial palsy?

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In 2019, Facial Palsy UK surveyed 421 patients about their experiences. It can take years to reach a specialist after a diagnosis of facial palsy. What was the reason people weren’t referred to a specialist?

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Where the eye waters excessively in someone with facial palsy what can this mean?

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A rare neurological cause of facial palsy also causes facial swelling, usually in the upper lip. What is it called?

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Tumours commonly known as acoustic neuromas can cause facial palsy if they grow too large or have to be removed, what is the correct medical name for an acoustic neuroma?

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Some patients who have had a prolonged recovery from acquired facial palsy, e.g. Bell's palsy, suffer from pain and headaches. Which of the following might help?

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Which of the following statements is NOT true?

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Facial palsy can be present at birth for a number of reasons, which famous actor has facial palsy due to birth trauma?

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Why is it important to see a specialist facial therapist after facial palsy rather than a general physiotherapist?

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