Useful Information

This section of our website outlines additional information that may be useful to people with facial palsy in terms of support.

  • Just Diagnosed – information for those newly diagnosed with facial palsy.
  • Advocacy – supporting and enabling people to access information, services and treatment; express their views and concerns; defend their rights; explore choices and options available.
  • Bullying – information about bullying and facial palsy, organisations that can help, and more.
  • Claire’s Card – a credit card size information card explaining about facial palsy and how it affects the individual.
  • Facial Palsy and Your Rights – information about legal protections afforded to people with facial palsy.
  • Online Support – find out about the online support available to people with facial palsy.
  • Facebook Group Guidelines – our Facebook Group Guidelines are there to protect your safety and security, please read them if you plan to join our Facebook group(s).
  • NHS Complaints – find out how to make a complaint about NHS care.
  • NHS Funding Denied – funding is often denied for some NHS treatments for facial palsy, it’s important to dispute this. Read more about it here.
  • Other Organisations – find out about the other organisations that may be able to help someone with facial palsy.
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Last reviewed: 27-11-2016    ||    Next review due: 27-11-2018