External Eyelid Weights

When the eye cannot close due to facial palsy, sometimes a temporary external weight can be used. The weights are expensive and not always routinely available via the NHS. They should only be fitted by an eye specialist. Some hospitals will offer them to patients as a trial run before opting for a surgically implanted weight. There may be a reason why a patient cannot have surgery and the external weights provide an alternative temporary solution to aid blink-closure during the day.

Eye specialists can source Oculid® External Eyelid Weights from Veni Vidi Medical. This is their fact sheet about how to order.

External Eyelid Weights Information Sheet

If you have any questions please call Veni Vidi Medical on 01422 254064.

Please note, we do not recommend patients purchase weights without input from a medical professional. This is purely information about health care options and not a recommendation of Veni Vidi Medical or their products.

The video below shows how the weights work. These weights were previously known as Blinkese.

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