Self-help Videos

See our self-help videos to aid your recovery:

  • Understanding Facial Palsy – a 14 minute video with English subtitles explaining facial palsy and the stages of recovery.
  • Management of Flaccid Paralysis – a self-help guide to managing the face when it is floppy, e.g. immediately after a diagnosis of Bell’s palsy, when the facial nerve has been recently injured or when the face has not recovered any muscle tone. Subtitles available.
  • Management of the Paresis stage of Facial Palsy – self-help videos with English subtitles for when the face is in the Paresis stage. This is when the face is no longer floppy but has not fully recovered. You should never do the exercises in these videos if your face is still floppy or it has been less than three months since diagnosis of facial palsy.
  • Management of Synkinesis – a self-help guide to managing the face when it is tight, e.g. when the face has made some recovery from facial nerve injury but is now feeling tight and unwanted facial movements may have appeared. Subtitles available.
  • Calming practice for the Face and Neck (audio only) – a relaxation audio track helping people with facial palsy to relax their face. Subtitles available.
  • Support Groups – a short video explaining how attending a local support group can help with your recovery from facial palsy.

We always recommend seeking the help of a specialist facial therapist who can create a bespoke exercise plan to help with your recovery.


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