How We Can Help

Facial Palsy UK is a charity aiming to support people affected by facial paralysis. We can help in a number of different ways.


We provide information explaining what facial palsy is and its various causes, as well as the emotional and physical issues that affect people living with facial palsy.

Guides for patients and families

Various guides are available with useful advice about a range of issues which may be experienced by people with facial palsy and their families.

Information about surgery

A review of the different kinds of surgery used to help people living with facial paralysis.

Local support groups

Find out how to access your local Facial Palsy UK support group. This creates an opportunity to meet other people with facial palsy so that experiences can be shared. People can gain mutual support and information in an informal and caring setting.

Family days

Facial Palsy UK Family Days are for children affected by facial palsy and their parental guardians and siblings. They help to reduce feelings of isolation and increase self-esteem.

Personal stories

Read our personal stories, real-life experiences of people affected by facial paralysis.

Health professionals

We plan to provide a comprehensive resource for health professionals seeking more information about all different types of facial palsy and their causes. We also supply information on patient care and contact details for the various centres of excellence in this field of medicine.


In future we plan to fund research projects which aim to create a better future for everyone affected by facial paralysis. We are currently working on research projects in collaboration with other organisations.


We do need your help to provide these services so please consider making a donation to Facial Palsy UK today.

Last reviewed: 13-02-2021    ||    Next review due: 01-08-2023