Participation Opportunities

The following are external studies (not related to Facial Palsy UK) with participation opportunities:

Seeking the views of volunteers on research which aims to explore the cause of synkinesis using an electromyography (EMG) technique

Researchers at King’s College London and Guy’s Hospital, London, are planning to study the physiology of facial synkinesis using EMG in a different way.  We would like to hear the views of up to 6 people, who have had facial palsy for over one year and are not currently having NHS treatment for the palsy, on the practicalities and progress of the studies we have in mind.

In the first instance, we would send volunteers a short description of the study and what it involves.  Then we would aim to hold a video-based meeting between all of the volunteers and researchers to discuss the feasibility of the research.  Once the research gets underway, we might arrange for the group of volunteers to meet again via a video-based system once or twice more to seek views on the progress of the study.

Each video-based meeting should only last 1-to-2 hours.  We will aim to hold the meetings at a time convenient for those who volunteer.  Communication with the research team before and after meetings will be by email.  We will aim to keep email traffic to a minimum.  We will take minutes and circulate these to volunteers after the meetings.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Gareth Jones, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, on gareth.jones, or Jeremy Corcoran, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, on

Research Project: The social dynamics of facial appearance

Research exploring the everyday experiences of living with a ‘visible facial difference’ with focus on the services and organisations that may provide support or various forms of ‘treatment’ to those affected.

Link to The social dynamics of facial appearance information sheet

Survey link

Contact for more information,

Oxford Facial Palsy Guides

If you have a diagnosis of facial palsy, you may be interested in a research opportunity.

The Oxford Facial Palsy Service has developed a series of self-help guides to help people with facial palsy, and their friends and family, to cope with the psychological impact of facial palsy.

The Oxford Facial Palsy Service is currently running a research study looking at the effectiveness of these guides.

If you haves a diagnosis of facial palsy and you or a friend or relative would be interested in taking part in some research into the effectiveness of these guides, then please email or by phone on 01865 234714 for further information about the study.

Centre for Appearance Research

If you’re interested in being kept up-to-date with opportunities to take part in research run by the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), you can sign up to their Participant Pool. Anyone aged 16 or above can sign up, whether or not you have a condition that affects your appearance.

Sign up to CAR’s Participant Pool

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