Chloe’s Day – Animation

Facial palsy affects people’s lives in ways you might not realise. Everyone is different. There are 50 different causes which all come with different complications. For many only one side of the face is affected, for others both sides are affected.

We created this animation to give a general idea of the different ways people’s lives can be impacted by facial palsy. There are 21 different physical issues you can experience with facial palsy though and psycho-social impact can be immense.

Please share this animation using the hashtag #FaceMyDay. Everyone has a one in 60 lifetime chance of getting Bell’s palsy, the most common cause of facial palsy. NHS healthcare desperately needs to improve for this patient group.

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Chloe’s Day-Shower-Instagram

Chloe’s Day-Work-Instagram

Chloe’s Day-School-Instagram

Chloe’s Day-Restaurant-Instagram


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Example messages:

Shower scene:

Washing your hair with an eye that doesn’t close is not easy. See the rest of Chloe’s day at @facialpalsyuk #FaceMyDay

Work scene:

Facial palsy doesn’t just affect how you look, it can cause painful tight muscles in the face that move in unexpected ways. Many people struggle to access help via the NHS. See the rest of Chloe’s day at @facialpalsyuk #FaceMyDay

School scene:

Many children and adults affected by facial palsy have to deal with unwelcome comments and stares from others. This is because there is so little awareness about facial palsy. See the rest of Chloe’s day at @facialpalsyuk #FaceMyDay

Restaurant scene:

It can be difficult to eat and drink when you have facial palsy. Also, in a recent survey by Facial Palsy UK, 72% of respondents said they liked being in photographs before having facial palsy, compared to just 6% now. See the rest of Chloe’s day at @facialpalsyuk #FaceMyDay

How can you help?

Please consider making a donation to Facial Palsy UK today so we can continue to support people with facial palsy. Did you know that there are 21 different physical issues associated with facial palsy and over half of 421 people recently surveyed by Facial Palsy UK had suffered with anxiety and/or depression as a result of the condition? 211 were not routinely referred to a specialist of which 58% waited for more than a year for that appointment. Many people are still unable to access help. We all have a one in 60 lifetime chance of getting Bell’s palsy, the most common cause of facial paralysis. We want routine access to health care and greater awareness for everyone affected now and for those who will develop the condition in future.


With grateful thanks to:

Animation & Art – Orchard House Media

Voice – Sarah Goodman

Sound – Alex Bullivant

Last reviewed: 20-02-2021    ||    Next review due: 20-02-2023