Zoom Group Rules

Our Facial Palsy Support Groups offer a safe and welcoming environment to discuss shared experiences and access peer support. We want to duplicate this when delivering an online group session via Zoom. Therefore, these client rules are in place to keep everyone safe and secure, to which everyone attending is expected to follow:

  1. To safeguard the confidentiality for everyone – make sure you cannot be overheard and are alone.
  2. To respect each other’s right to privacy by keeping information you see or hear to yourself- do not share.
  3. To be respectful to everyone and not to use abusive or threatening language – no matter how you are feeling.
  4. Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol whilst attending sessions is prohibited.
  5. To keep all distractions to a minimum, including silencing your phone and not accepting a call.
  6. To dress appropriately for video sessions.
  7. To not smoke, vape or eat whilst the group is in session.
  8. To arrive on time, stay in the room for the duration of the session and expect to stay online until the session ends. This is to avoid interruptions.
  9. To not record, screenshot or take photographs of the sessions.

Last reviewed: 25-03-2020    ||    Next review due: 25-03-2022