Online Support

For those seeking online support there are many Facebook groups connected to the various causes of facial palsy which you can find by doing a search on Facebook.

Facial Palsy UK Online Support Options

For our Facebook Group guidelines please click here.

Other non-Facial Palsy UK Groups

With specific conditions there are often too many groups for us to list or advertise on our website so we encourage people to search online for these.

  • I was an FP Kid – This group is strictly for over 13’s and adults who had facial palsy in childhood. They do not allow any charity advertising and although many of our volunteers are linked to this group, it is not a Facial Palsy UK group.
  • Facial Paralysis Support Network Australia, New Zealand & Worldwide – This Facebook group is for anyone affected by facial paralysis anywhere in the world. This group is also not moderated by Facial Palsy UK.

Virtual Support Sessions

During the pandemic we are running virtual support sessions via Zoom. Please join our community and opt-in to support group updates to receive email updates about how to access these.

Last reviewed: 11-11-2020    ||    Next review due: 09-01-2021