Claire’s Card

Launched during our very first Facial Palsy Awareness Week in 2015, ‘Claire’s card’ is essentially a small information card about facial palsy and the different ways it can affect a person. It is credit card size and printed on lightweight card. People can tick and complete parts that are appropriate to them.

The need for this card became apparent when a young woman (Claire) was thrown out of a nightclub because security staff had not seen facial palsy before, they thought she was drunk. They did not understand how facial palsy can affect speech and someone’s appearance.

Sadly this was not the first time we’d heard a story like this.

With the launch of Claire’s card we hope that people will be able to show a card without having to justify why they look or speak a certain way. It can also be used to raise awareness. After this incident we did speak to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) who are responsible for security staff training and they assured us they have now added information to their training to prevent future incidents of this kind. We also worked with the charity Changing Faces to raise awareness of the need for licensees and door staff to think about how they treat customers who have an unusual appearance. See #ServeAlex for more information about this campaign.

There are two versions of Claire’s card, both versions have the same front but a different reverse side, see below:

Cards can be ordered by telephoning 0300 030 9333 or email

In order to keep costs down please consider making a small donation to cover postage.

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