Our patrons believe in the aims of Facial Palsy UK and motivate others to become involved. They also support us in generating awareness of our achievements and campaigns.

Nick and Susie CaveNick and Susie Cave

“We are are proud to join Facial Palsy UK in seeking to raise awareness of this distressing condition.” Nick & Susie Cave

Sir Paul McCartney, MBE

Sir Paul McCartney became our first patron after seeing the effects of facial palsy on his neighbour.

John before and afterJohn Sudworth, BBC Shanghai Correspondent


“I’m lucky to have recovered from the onset of my facial palsy. Lots of people are not so lucky. They face a lifetime of dealing with a condition that can take a real toll on confidence, relationships and self esteem. I’m proud to support Facial Palsy UK. Their work to raise awareness, among both the public and the medical profession, is vital. And their website is a lifeline. Onset is often sudden and distressing and I know, from personal experience, that good quality information can make a real difference.”

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