Local Groups

Facial Palsy UK operate local support groups for adults affected by facial paralysis.

Local Facial Palsy UK groups & networks

It was great to talk with others and hear different and similar experiences. I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to other people with FP before. My only frustration was that the time went so quickly! I wish we had had more of a chance to chat!

How do I find out about new groups starting?

Please Join our Community to keep updated about all our news.

Benefits of joining a Facial Palsy UK support group:

  • Exchange of information
  • Mutual support in an informal and friendly environment
  • Sharing experiences
  • Discussing the challenging aspects of living with facial palsy
  • Newsletter (some groups)
  • Support groups are usually facilitated by group members and a facial palsy health professional.

Cheshire & Mersey Support Group Video

Video made with funding from The Police Mutual Foundation and with support of We Are Invite.

Do Facial Palsy UK support groups cater for all ages?

The main support groups cater for people over the age of 18, or 16 and over if accompanied by an appropriate adult.

We don’t recommend bringing children to adult support group meetings because some of the discussions may be inappropriate, e.g. discussions about surgery may frighten a young child.

Our family days are a much better place for children with facial palsy and their parents to find support. We try to get a health professional to come along to family days giving parents an opportunity to ask questions they might not have time to in clinic.

Other support

If you would like more information about support groups, please contact us on support@facialpalsy.org.uk.

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