2013 Media Coverage

January 2013


01/01/13: Body Language Journal – Facial palsy charity to improve quality of care
24/01/13: Herts and Essex Observer – Clavering Nurse speaks out on Bell’s palsy
25/01/13: Evesham Journal – I was told I looked like a zombie, now I’m smiling again
25/01/13: Daily Mail – Teacher called a ‘zombie’ after her face became paralysed, smiles again… thanks to op using a muscle from her leg
25/01/13: Hereford Times – I was told I looked like a zombie. Now I’m smiling again
25/01/13: Worcester News – I was told I looked like a zombie. Now I’m smiling again
Jan/Feb 2013: ENT & Audiology News – Official Launch of Facial Palsy UK


Worcester Free Radio – interview with Vicki Hand


09/01/13: BAPRASvoice – Facial Palsy UK

February 2013


01/02/13: Dental Practice – Improving care for facial palsy sufferers.


05/02/13: Best – Bethan shares her story of being left with bilateral facial palsy after a horrific car accident.
19/02/13: Yours – Sarah Healey discusses life with facial palsy after acoustic neuroma surgery.
25/02/13: RNIB Magazine – Can facial palsy cause blindness?
25/02/13: RNIB Magazine – Living with facial palsy

March 2013


01/03/13: Runner’s World – Read Ollie’s story about running for the Virgin London Marathon 2013 after battling Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
01/03/13: Essentials magazine – Helen Appert shares her experience of Bell’s palsy, just eleven weeks after giving birth.
01/03/13: Your Wellness – Information about the Facial Palsy UK charity
14/03/13: That’s Life magazine – Amanda Taylor talks about facial palsy after having a benign tumour removed.
24/03/13: Sunday Mirror supplement – Fiona Hawthorne, Hannah Thompson and Cally Haines and daughter Ffion discuss their different experiences of facial paralysis.
28/03/13: Love it! magazine – Victoria Howell shares her experiences of facial palsy after acoustic neuroma.


01/03/13: Pulse – Bell’s palsy: Mr Christopher Skilbeck and Mr Rupert Obholzer advise on a case using PUNs and DENs.
08/03/13: Richmond & Twickenham Times – Mark Bennett shares his story of facial paralysis after a major car accident.


24/03/13: South Cotswolds Gazette – A cancer survivor’s ongoing struggle, Ali Sweeting speaks about cancer and facial palsy.

April 2013


03/04/13: Daily Mail – What makes YOU insecure when you look in the mirror?

May 2013


02/05/2013: Real People – Bethan Robertson-Smith talks about the car accident that left her with bilateral facial paralysis.
16/05/2013: Vicki Hand describes the operation that gave her back her smile and the fundraising she undertook for Facial Palsy UK.

June 2013


03/06/13: London Evening Standard – You can see I’m happy with my ‘smile transplant’
14/06/13: Surrey Advertiser – Claire Kellow talks about her fundraising event in Godalming and her work for Facial Palsy UK.
20/06/13: Gwent Gazette – Jayella King talks about her experiences with facial palsy and how she is now fundraising for Facial Palsy UK.


24/06/13: Styleable.co.uk – Hannah Thompson shares her Bell’s palsy experience with Styleable.

August 2013


Jul/Aug 2013: The Practitioner – A case of persistent hemifacial weakness (Henderson AH, Hallam M-J, Saha R, Nduka C.)
Aug 2013: Chat – Jayella King was featured in Chat magazine after they found her through some fundraising she had done for Facial Palsy UK. Sadly Chat did not mention the charity in this article but it was still excellent awareness for facial palsy.


29/08/13: Daily Mail – Teenager treated like a ‘freak’ because of her paralysed face can finally smile – after surgeons took muscles from her arm and leg
30/08/13: The Mirror – Bullied teenager smiles for first time after operation on paralysed facial muscles
29/08/13: ONigeria – Teenager with a paralysed face can finally smile – after surgeons took muscles from her arm and leg

September 2013


04/09/13: Organised via Facial Palsy UK, Cathy Darnton went on ITV Wales to discuss her experiences with Bell’s palsy. Unfortunately ITV Wales neglected to mention the charity but Cathy did a wonderful job raising awareness of the condition.

October 2013


Oct 2013: NCT Matters Autumn Edition – Laura Lawrence shares her story of being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy when she was seven months pregnant.

November 2013


5/11/13: BBC News Magazine – Face, get back to work! – John Sudworth writes about his journey with Bell’s palsy – one year on.
5/11/13: Daily Express – Face the facts of Bell’s palsy

December 2013


Dec 2013: Prima Baby – Hannah Thompson shares her Bell’s palsy journey.

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