2014 Media Coverage

February 2014


10/02/14: York Press – Gaining the courage to smile – living with facial palsy: York University student Maria Munir shares her story of growing up with facial palsy.
17/02/14: The Northern Echo – Losing Face: Cambridge University student Amelia Tearle shares her Bell’s palsy journey.

March 2014


March 2014: Essentials magazine – Trustee Alison Sweeting describes her experiences of facial palsy and salivary gland cancer, and also her work with the charity.

April 2014


April 2014: Pick Me Up! magazine – Fran Davies, 20, from Liverpool, shared her Bell’s palsy recovery story with readers.

May 2014


21/05/14: Daily Mail – I couldn’t smile at my newborn babies: Channel 5 newsreader Natalie Verney shared her experience of Bell’s palsy in pregnancy.
25/05/14:The Guardian – Bell’s palsy – putting on a brave face: Marvin Grubb, Kelly Lynskey and Emma Barrett shared experiences of Bell’s palsy, congenital facial palsy and facial palsy due to acoustic neuroma.

August 2014


Aug 2014: BBC Radio Bristol – Bethan talks to BBC Bristol’s Geoff Twentyman about her Points of Light award made by David Cameron on 18 August 2014.


18 August 2014: Cabinet Office  – Bethan Robertson-Smith is given a #PointsofLight award by David Cameron for her volunteering work for Facial Palsy UK.

September 2014


02/09/14: Daily Mail – The Daily Mail share Bethan Robertson-Smith’s story and her latest achievement, a Points of Light Award from David Cameron.
02/09/2014: Bristol Post: The Bristol Post report on local volunteer Bethan Robertson-Smith who was awarded a Points of Light award by David Cameron in August 2014.
02/09/2014: Daily Star – The Daily Star featured Bethan’s story.
03/09/2014: Huffington Post – The Huff Post also pick up Bethan’s story.
03/09/2014: Western Daily Press – Bethan spreads more awareness of facial palsy.
10/09/2014: Bristol Post – Bethan Robertson-Smith is featured in the Bristol Post as she has received a Gold Star Award for her voluntary work with Facial Palsy UK.

October 2014


October 2014: The Sunday Times – A project Facial Palsy UK are collaborating on was featured in The Sunday Times – a new app for facial rehabilitation.

December 2014


December 2014: Pick me up! – Selma Abbey shared her story about being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in pregnancy.

On the web

December 2014: Bristol Post – Bristol Post produced this video about volunteer Bethan Robertson-Smith who won a Bristol Post award.