23/02/15 – Northampton Town Football Club Support Facial Palsy Awareness Week

First Ever Global Facial Palsy Awareness Week Launches 1-7 March 2015

Facial Palsy Awareness Week is to take place during the first week of March every year. The week highlights issues to the general public and health professionals about the true impact of facial palsy, a condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK and has over 30 different causes. The effects of facial palsy can be devastating, yet they are often misunderstood by health professionals, employers and the general public.

Northampton Town Football ClubNorthampton Town Football Club (The Cobblers) are supporting Facial Palsy Awareness Week. Pictured are players with season ticket holder Abbie Callen, who has bilateral facial paralysis due to muscular dystrophy. Abbie wants to raise awareness of facial paralysis as people who don’t know her think she looks very serious or is even upset as she is unable to smile.

Mum Jo says:

“I’m very proud of Abbie for wanting to raise awareness and to help people understand what facial palsy is and how it affects her and lots of others.”

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSH) is the third most common muscular dystrophy affecting over 1,300 people in the UK, it is one of more than 30 different causes of facial paralysis. It is a disorder characterised by progressive muscle weakness and wasting (atrophy). FSH gets its name from the muscles that are affected most often, usually those of the face (facio), around the shoulder blades (scapula), and upper arm (humeral) muscles. Milder cases may not be noticeable until later in life but rare cases become apparent in infancy or early childhood.

Founder of Facial Palsy UK, Charles Nduka says:

“There is a lack of awareness among health professionals and the general public about facial palsy, and the psycho-social implications of losing the ability to smile. We aim to change the way the condition is perceived with the very first Facial Palsy Awareness Week.”


About Facial Palsy UK (www.facialpalsy.org.uk), charity established 2012.

About Facial Palsy Awareness Week

About Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSH)

Charity Aims

  • To increase awareness of facial palsy and its social, physical and psychological consequences.
  • To provide information and support for people living with facial palsy, their relatives, carers and medical professionals.
  • To promote diagnosis, acute and long-term management and rehabilitation of people living with facial palsy.
  • To establish support groups throughout the UK.
  • To raise funds to support research and training for professionals involved in the diagnosis, management and treatment of facial palsy. This should allow for better treatments, which should be made accessible to all.

For case studies, photos and more information contact:

Karen Johnson
Tel: 0300 030 9333
Email: media@facialpalsy.org.uk