AGM News 2016

December 7, 2016

AGM 2016

AGM 2016

We are now in our fifth year and happy to say that our charity is supporting more people than ever. This year the Annual General Meeting (AGM) moved to Peterborough and was a great opportunity to meet old friends, make some new ones and find out more about the work of the charity.

The event, which took place on Saturday 8th October was attended by 64 people, a mixture of children and adults from around the UK.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to make the event so successful. Andi Heaton our guest speaker, to the tremendously brave Selma Abbey and Mandy Brailsford who told their stories and Rebecca who played the flute beautifully.

Review of the year 2015/16

Karen reviewed the progress made in the last financial year by the charity. Key successes for the year included:

  • Directly supported 598 people
  • New Support Groups in London & Exeter
  • Relaunched our Midlands Group
  • Facial Palsy Public Awareness Survey
  • 290,140 unique visitors to our website, up 49.25% on previous year
  • Largest Family Day to date
  • Leafleted 93 Scottish hospitals

Karen acknowledged donations from Trusts and corporate support, for specific projects and thanked everyone who had worked so hard to raise funds.

“We wish to thank every single person and organisation who has supported Facial Palsy UK in any way throughout the year. Every gift is used carefully to improve the lives of people affected by facial palsy.” – Karen Johnson (Deputy CEO)

Financial Review

Karen summarised the Financial Review for the year ending 30 June 2016 as follows:

  • Individual fundraisers raised over £36,000 (up by 27% from the previous year)
  • Direct Debit income £1,668 (14 donors)
  • Give as you Live shopping scheme income £466
  • Unrestricted Trust income £27,100
  • Corporate donations £1,500
  • Total unrestricted general donations & fundraising decreased by 1.9% compared to previous year (we excluded a one off donation of £25k for comparison purposes here)
  • Pro bono support from JGR Bureau Service and Research Now

Future Plans

  • Create three Children’s Books. We are aiming to have at least one of these published in time for Facial Palsy Awareness Week (1-7 March 2017).
  • Update our general leaflet to reflect the work of the charity – these are now printed.
  • 8 Patient leaflets for individual conditions which cause facial palsy – these are in progress.
  • F.R.A.M.E. (facial remote activity monitoring eyewear). This project is in collaboration with teams at Nottingham Trent and Coventry University. This is wearable technology in the form of glasses which will allow patients to practice facial exercise without looking in the mirror.
  • Updated website, mobile friendly – this is in progress.
  • Two family days – the first one will be in London (Shoreditch) on Saturday 18th February. Further dates and venues to be arranged, look out for these.


Review of the Year 2015/16 – download
Facial Palsy UK Accounts and Annual Report 2015/16 – download
Draft minutes of the meeting – download.

Andi Heaton Senior Psychological Therapist: ‘Understanding and managing the psychosocial impact of a facial palsy’.

Andi talked about her experience of working with people with facial differences and how she helped them to come to terms with their feelings, and deal with other people.

Selma Abbey

Selma spoke about her experience of Bell’s palsy in pregnancy, the way her confidence was affected, her regrets and her attitude to life now.


Rebecca was born with facial palsy and gave a fantastic performance of ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’.

Mandy Brailsford

Mandy shared her very moving story of growing up with facial palsy, her mum’s fight to get the right treatment and her struggle to accept herself in adulthood.

Awards and Thank yous

Trustee and charity co-founder Vanessa Venables described the work of volunteers and thanked people for their contribution. Charles Nduka presented the awards. Please note that these awards apply to the charity’s financial year from 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016. Activities after this date will be included at our next AGM.

Grand Prize Draw

Grand Prize Draw

Grand Prize Draw

We announced winners of our Grand Prize Draw, these are detailed on our website here. Thank you very much for all your support either helping us to source prizes or by selling or buying tickets. We raised £773.Thank you!

Board of Trustees

Facial Palsy UK wish to thank Louise Watson for her contribution over the past three years. Louise has now retired from the board.

Our thanks to Alison Sweeting who has been re-elected after retiring by rotation.
Welcome to Janet Jutsum and Gareth Price who are both newly elected.

There will also be additional Trustees joining the board this year, more details in a future newsletter.

And finally..

Thank you as always for your support. Please note that Christmas Cards are now available to purchase from our online shop. Also, if shopping online this Christmas, we would be very grateful for your support in using Give as you Live to make your purchases, we receive a few pence each time you shop at no additional cost to you. This year our Give as you Live supporters raised £466 between them!

If you would like to contact us about anything in this newsletter please email or call us on 0300 030 9333. Thank you again, until next time.

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