Specialist Teams Engaging in Facial Palsy Awareness Week

March 23, 2021

We were delighted to hear that despite the pandemic specialist facial palsy teams still did their best to raise awareness about facial palsy and the needs of this patient group.

There is a brand new multidisciplinary team (MDT) at the University Hospital in Durham and the clinicians involved were keen to show their support with half beards and makeup! They also arranged for information to be shared on the hospital intranet educating other staff about facial palsy. Many Newcastle patients will recognise the familiar faces of surgeons James Wokes and Richard Chalmers. The new MDT is able to offer specialist surgeries, facial therapy and Botulinum toxin injections where appropriate. This is an exciting boost to services in the North-east.

Further south in Chelmsford in Essex, Kallirroi Tzafetta’s team at Broomfield Hospital, also shared information on the hospital intranet and raised awareness with posters and leaflets about facial palsy.

Broomfield hospital team

Thank you to everyone for their support.









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