Stuart’s Story – The One Show 08 December 2017

December 8, 2017

Facial Palsy UK’s media volunteer Stuart and his family will be featured on the One Show tonight. Stuart has Moebius syndrome, one of the many different causes of facial palsy in childhood. His story is told to coincide with the release of Wonder the movie here in the UK. If you have a child with facial palsy and need help and support please visit our website for information or contact our support team on either or 0300 030 9333.

More about Moebius syndrome

Present at birth, Moebius syndrome is an extremely rare cause of facial palsy and the exact incidence is unknown. The Moebius Research Trust estimates that only about 200 people in the UK have the condition. This condition is characterised by weakening or paralysis of the muscles in the face which control expression and lateral eye movements. This affects the ability to smile or frown, blink the eyes, or suck. Sometimes only one side of the face is affected. Predominantly the sixth and seventh cranial nerves are involved but other nerves may also be affected. The sixth and seventh cranial nerves are pairs of nerves which are present on both sides of the face. They send messages from the brain and are responsible for certain facial movements and sensory functions. With Moebius syndrome, these nerves are either absent or underdeveloped. Sometimes children may have clubfoot; problems with mouth, tongue and jaw development; and respiratory illnesses. Moebius syndrome mainly affects children of normal intelligence and cognitive development. Further information about Moebius syndrome.

How can Facial Palsy UK help?

As well as offering support and information to parents of children with facial palsy and adults living with the condition, we provide family days twice a year for children with facial palsy and their families. We also launched the book When Teddy Lost His Smile in March this year, which is aimed at the 3-7 year age group.

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