Douglas’ Story

Douglas* was left with a facial palsy after an accident in Easter 2015, here his mother shares their story.

Douglas September 2015

Douglas September 2015

My 9 year old son crushed his skull last Easter and as a result severed his facial nerves and has a left sided palsy to the face as well as sight and hearing loss. I want to raise awareness of his improvement.

After the surgery to reconstruct the fractures and his face we returned home. I began giving Douglas herbs and homeopathy to reduce the swelling and inflammation from the injury and surgery, to repair his bone and rebuild his nerves.

He hadn’t shown any ‘spontaneous improvement’ by August and was undergoing nerve conduction tests and MRI scans to confirm the need for a nerve graft. I decided as a trained and qualified acupuncturist of 17 years to try and see what if any change I could make. I hadn’t seen a case like Douglas’ in clinic but decided we had nothing to lose.

In September I started to treat him two times a week. He also was given cranial sacral therapy regularly throughout. By November we could see a definite movement around his left side of his mouth and after a consultation with the surgeon he concurred that change was happening contrary to the test results and agreed to delay the nerve graft to see what else may happen, but unless there was a massive improvement the surgery would still go ahead.

Douglas February 2016

Douglas February 2016

By the end of December we attended our appointment with our Physiotherapist Facial Palsy specialist. She could see a big change and botoxed the right side to give the left a chance to develop and strengthen. He has gone from strength to strength and we believe, as the surgeon has confirmed, he doesn’t need the nerve graft any longer. I am now focusing on the lack of a blink. Not easy work but again there doesn’t appear to be a surgical option so I feel we have nothing to lose.

I know it hasn’t cost me in terms of money, although it has in terms of frayed nerves. But I still wanted to put it out there that there are possibilities, maybe more than is obvious at first.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons

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