Dear Bell’s Palsy

You didn’t tell me when you arrived

How much you affect so many lives


You slapped my face and in its place

You took my confidence and my grace


I didn’t know you would stay so long

There’s no research to have you gone


No one actually knows where you come from

Nor the reason you are so bothersome


My days are weak and my body is frail

You make me cry, but you will not prevail


Life is tiresome and now manic

The slightest face tingle makes me panic


You numbed my face, my mouth, lips, and ear

And changed my life to now live in fear


The constant pressure in my ear and jaw

Takes a toll on my body, my nerves are raw


You have out welcomed your stay, I want you to go

But most of all, I just want to know


Why you chose me and the thousands of others

Like young teenage girls, fathers and mothers


You take strength from our emotions, tiredness and stress

But you will not beat me, for my strength I am blessed


So take your leave, I’m kicking you out

I’m no longer your friend, in case there’s a doubt


I’m stronger than ever and I thank you for that

But I know anytime soon, you could force your way back


So let me tell you here and now

You can’t beat me, I’m still beautiful, I take a bow.


By Ally Fabish (eight months since diagnosis with no change)