Fear For My Face

My smile is more a grimace
My blink is now a wink
What will everyone say?
What will they all think?

My friendly, warming welcome
Is now just spoken word.
But how will I now greet people
When my word cannot be heard?

I know I should feel fortunate
My condition is not the worst
But I can’t even kiss my kids “goodnight”
When my lips refuse to purse

My condition is not that bad
Other people are more poorly
I need to appreciate I’m lucky
I’m being selfish – surely?

I’ve always put a brave face on
To show I’d never be a quitter
Yet here I sit and find myself
Reclusive, resentful and bitter

My journey won’t be easy
Yet I travel not alone
This journey will affect those I love
Those with whom I share my home

He always said he loved my smile
He said it’s the first thing that he saw
I wish I could just smile for him
But I cannot do that anymore…

By Carly Vine