It’s Me

As I walked in with an eye patch
I got some mixed reviews
Is it fancy dress today, one said?
Others puzzled and bemused.

I tried to smile as best I could
With a somewhat crooked mouth
With one corner firmly heading north
And the other heading south.

I laughed and smiled throughout the pain
The tears kept well within.
The efforts, sheer frustration
The inability to grin.

I took refreshments from a straw
I ate the softest foods
Whilst trying to keep positive
With grumpy interludes.

I watched T.V, I drove, I read
Did all this with one eye
Knowing that if I did not laugh
I’d just sit there and cry.

And now that I’ve recovered
After many months of pain
I’ve now got something different
And in battle once again.

Synkinesis came to visit
It seems to want to stay
And despite my constant efforts
It will just not go away.

My nerves are jumbled and confused
The reflection isn’t mine
I’m told I should be patient
I’ll get better in good time.

I’m trying to seek the help I crave
It’s a complex world out there
Do they know the pain I’m going through
And do they even care?

I’ll fight on for my treatment
If only they could see
I just want to pass a looking glass
And recognise it’s me.

By Theresa New