My Face…

Look at this face, tell me what do you see?
A face full of joy or just misery?
How can you tell if the face is in pain?
When it just doesn’t move
Well let me explain

This is my face, it’s divided in two
How would you feel if it belonged to you?
Half can still move, but the other is still
Painful and weak,
And defying my will

Why won’t it move and why can’t I hear?
Why did it happen and why do I fear?
An eye that won’t blink and a mouth that won’t smile
Look at this face
Just look for a while

I can’t eat my food without looking a sight
It takes twice as long, and is hard with each bite
My mouth has no feeling and is unable to chew
How would you feel
if this happened to you?

How can you tell what goes on in the mind
Of someone who has a face of that kind
A brow that won’t raise and an eye that just weeps
Look into my heart
Just look really deep

For my eyes let you know if my heart is in pain
If I’m happy or sad, though I still look the same
I’m no different to you, I still hurt and still feel
So be kind when you meet me
And remember – I’m real

By Kay Turner