My Thoughts on Facial Palsy

Facial Palsy strikes with dread
All kinds have a common thread
If we could all just shed a tear
Cast away our shock and fear
No lake could hold the flood of tears
Nor an ocean swallow fears

Do we heal and cope as time just passes
Or hide away behind dark glasses
Hiding from the world we knew
Seeking comfort from just a few

Our pain is in our face and mind
We crave all people to be kind
We are still whole, we are still us
At home, work, school, on the bus
We truly do not need a fuss

We need acceptance as the same
As those of beauty who seek their fame
The challenges faced are very tough
The path we tread is oh so rough

All of us so miss our smile
To find it we walk that extra mile
It really is such a trial
For months I lived in deep denial
That I would find my normal face
Now I glide at an easy pace
Learning to accept the new look me
As what will be, will just be

Now I’m in a better place
I’ve learned to accept my disrupted face
My smile will always be unique
I’ll always lisp now when I speak

Some lack their taste
Food goes to waste
Our mouths are dry
And when we eat our eye will cry
even though it’s very dry
Lack of taste, food less good to eat
It’s hard to smell a fragrance sweet
Some smirk and twitch with no control
Our sense of humour very droll

Most of us feel pretty ill
And many suffer greater still
There is no single magic pill
Some learn to cope
Many of us simply mope
Some days good others bad
Sometimes we feel very sad

We must learn to look far forward
Focus our minds outward not inward
We need to grieve the face we knew
Then learn to love the one that’s new
Educate all those around us
At home, work, school,and on the bus

We can find courage without our smile
To rise above our daily trial
Let’s all try and bond together
And help each other find sunny weather!!! 😏

Joan Small April 20 2019