The Missing Smile

Something has wiped the smile off my face
Now it has gone with barely a trace
My eye constantly waters, my vision is blurred
And when I get tired all my words come out slurred

It gets so frustrating when you can’t wear a frown
Or furrow your brows, I get really down
That I cannot express how I feel deep inside
Now my face doesn’t work I just want to hide

All the things I can’t do now I really do miss
A smile, a whistle, a loving kiss
I can no longer even blow out a candle
Not being able to do these is so hard to handle

It’s disturbing to think
When I eat or drink
That some could fall out
Of that there’s no doubt
And the thing in my mind
Is very unkind
And says, ‘Did they see?’
‘Are they laughing at me?’

And mirrors are not my friend anymore
I hate my reflection, though I didn’t before
I shy from the camera, don’t want to be seen
With a face that is wonky I just feel obscene

But though something has taken my beautiful smile
When you and I stop to talk for a while
Please don’t look away or act all tongue-tied
For though I look different I’m still me inside

By Rachel Watterson

Dedicated to all those living with facial palsy