The Smiles in your Day

Just close your eyes and think for a while
What you would do if the night stole your smile
The things that you do in the course of your day
When you smile without thinking then go on your way

“Good morning my darling” to the one you love most
As you grin when you greet them with some tea and some toast
Saying goodbye to your children at the school gates
You smile as you kiss them then wave – “don’t be late”

You acknowledge the man on the bus everyday
Just a smile and a nod cos you’ve nothing to say
Then arriving at work in a bit of a flap
You smile at Bob – cos he’s such a nice chap!

Your friend tells a joke, and you laugh really loud
He’s the life and the soul in the midst of the crowd
On the way home you bump into a friend
A comforting smile to help her heart mend

Calling into the shop to get something for tea
A welcoming smile is nice to see
Then you’re on your way home on the bus once again
You still manage a smile though you’re tired and you’re drained

Amidst the hustle and bustle of every day life
You take time to smile at your husband or wife
But what if your smile had been stolen away
Would it change how you feel as you go through your day?

By Kay Turner