The Starers

Have I wondered far too long
Am I weak or am I strong
I want to know that I belong
Feel as though I am among
Am I right or am I wrong

Do I stop and tell them why
Or way too weary, flea and fly
There is no pill, I will not cry
Though stares still make me heave a sigh

Am I still me or who I see
I am not me, who do I see
this face of mine but still not me

I must move on, accept my face
Slide through life with growing grace
Take each day at easy pace
Be gracious, accept, and love my face
Have courage not to flee but rather chase
Those sad souls who ooze disgrace

I have wondered far too long
No longer weak but rather strong
I do know that I belong
Accept I know I am among
I am right, I am not wrong

My face IS me, I am still there
I face with courage those who stare
I will do this so must you
Rise above the cruel few
Just accept our face as new

Joan Small
April 13 2019