Facial Palsy Awareness Week 1-7 March 2017

Facial Palsy Awareness Week takes place on 1-7 March 2017. This is an opportunity for everyone affected by facial palsy to share how the condition affects their daily life.

2017 Theme

#ShareMyHappy – because happiness isn’t always shown on your face.

Planned social media activities for the week:

We have chosen one hashtag for all themes so people can easily search all tweets/Facebook messages by searching the hashtag #ShareMyHappy. If you would like to add your own hashtags please do so.

  • Personal stories – Share your personal stories in written, picture or video format during the week and one positive thing that has come about from having facial palsy. Example: I’m sharing my story for Facial Palsy Awareness Week. The theme is #ShareMyHappy because happiness isn’t always shown on your face. I was diagnosed with facial palsy six years ago after surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma [……………]. One positive thing that has come from having facial palsy is that I met others with the same thing and have made some great new friends.”
  • Thanking those that support us through our life journeys  Tag a friend or family member who has supported you or your child through the facial palsy journey. There may be people you want to thank who aren’t on social media, include those too if you like! Example: “I want to #ShareMyHappy for Facial Palsy Awareness Week because happiness isn’t always shown on your face. I’m tagging [insert name/relation(s)] because when I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy they came with me to all my doctor’s appointments. I now challenge them to tag three people who make them happy. Text HAPP17 £2 to 70070 to donate to Facial Palsy UK. Please copy and paste the whole text and just amend your story.”
  • Getting the ‘happiness isn’t always shown on your face’ message out there  We will be asking people with and without facial palsy to Facebook/Tweet/Instagram photos that make them happy.

Example tweet to go with a picture: #ShareMyHappy for Facial Palsy Awareness, happiness isn’t always shown on your face. ♥My labrador Sam♥ Text HAPP17 £2 to 70070 to donate.

  • You can also add a Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture to raise awareness, view our campaign.

Other activities

  • Reach out and Skype, Facetime or video call another person with facial palsy during the week. Contact us if you are looking for someone to contact with facial palsy.
  • Upload your pictures or comments to the Facial Palsy UK website to raise awareness. All uploads are checked before going live (to prevent spam). Once live your uploads will be featured in our Facial Palsy Awareness Week Gallery 2017.
  • We are launching our first children’s book during Facial Palsy Awareness Week.The story is about a teddy who doesn’t have a smile who befriends a little girl with facial palsy on one side of her face.
  • We are endeavouring to get stories in the press and on television and radio as well. You could contact your local newspaper or radio to share your story or details about any planned events. See our guide to writing your own press release.
  • Can you help raise awareness offline, for example at work and in school?
  • If you are struggling to get access to NHS treatments for facial palsy, why not write to your MP and tell them how this is affecting you?

Case studies

Thank you poster from 2015

Thank you poster from 2015

We are looking for more case studies who are willing to share their stories in the press, magazines, on television or radio, during the week. Please download a Case Study Request and return to us detailing the mediums you would be happy to appear in. It’s okay to send us a photo of your completed form. If you’ve already sent us a form you don’t need to do it again. We will consider everyone for opportunities that may arise. If you can send us a summary of your story as well that would be really helpful.


The funds raised during awareness week make a huge difference to our work. With your help we can support more people affected by facial palsy. Fundraising ideas include:

  • Bake sales (with facial palsy themed cakes)
  • Sponsored challenges, e.g. walks, half-beard shave, etc.
  • Quizzes (we have quiz questions available)

Contact us if you have any questions – fundraising@facialpalsy.org.uk

Posters and Badges


If you have image editing software you may want to overlay your own images with our Facial Palsy Awareness Week stamp. Download the purple one (shown left). A white one is available on request.



Facial Palsy Awareness Week History

Facial Palsy Awareness Week first launched in March 2015, at the suggestion of volunteer Kay Turner.

Watch the Ben Lomond Challenge undertaken by 120 people from Scotland for Facial Palsy Awareness Week 2016:

Previous campaigns:

#facemyday – Friends and family joined in by shaving half their beard off or wearing half-makeup during the week. They shared selfies on social media to raise awareness. The nail art community painted fingernails to raise awareness and shared on Instagram.

#straightface – we highlighted what so many take for granted, the ability to laugh unreservedly and to express ourselves using our faces.

#faceanewday – people took part in dawn walks to raise raise awareness of facial palsy and literally ‘face a new day’.

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