Facial Palsy Awareness Week 1-7 March 2018

In Your FaceFacial Palsy Awareness Week takes place on 1-7 March 2018. We need your help sharing lots of facts about facial palsy to raise as much awareness as possible.

In Your Face – our theme for 2018

We need to push the message that this condition affects function of the face and should not be dismissed as cosmetic. It’s about what is happening ‘in’ your face, which is not always what others can see.

Planned activities for the week:

Pick a number associated with a facial palsy fact and paint it on your face to raise awareness. Here are just some examples but the number you choose will depend on your personal circumstances:

  • 72 hours to take steroids for Bell’s palsy
  • 0 facial palsy specialists in Northern Ireland
  • 20 years I have been waiting for treatment
  • 72 hours to take antivirals for Ramsay Hunt syndrome
  • 32 years until I met someone else with facial palsy
  • 88% of CCGs in England won’t routinely fund surgery for facial palsy
  • 50 different causes of facial palsy
  • 100 botox injections I have had this year for pain due to facial palsy
  • 1 tick paralysed my face

When sharing photos of your painted face on social media hold up a piece of paper to explain your chosen number (see our pictured template). It would be good if people could do a different number and fact each day during Facial Palsy Awareness Week. We’ve created a printable A4 sheet you can use or alternatively make your own. We can send you posters, stickers and numbers sheets for any events you are planning. Just get in touch. Please ask family and friends to get involved as well so we raise as much awareness as possible.

Please use hashtags #inyourface and #notcosmetic on social media.

What will be your number?


Our specific funding for our Support Services runs out in 2018 and we need your help to raise more funds during Facial Palsy Awareness Week so we can continue to support people at the level we do now.

Fundraising can be tied in to numbers and ideas include:

  • 72 cakes bake sale
  • 32 mile cycle ride
  • 72 hour sponsored silence
  • 72 hours without sugar
  • 100 press-ups challenge
  • 50 second malteser challenge (see how many maltesers you can move from a plate to a bowl in 50 seconds, using chopsticks!).

Please contact us if you have any questions – fundraising@facialpalsy.org.uk

Case studies

We are looking for more case studies who are willing to share their stories in the press, magazines, on television or radio, during the week. Please download a Case Study Request and return to us detailing the mediums you would be happy to appear in. It’s okay to send us a photo of your completed form. If you’ve already sent us a form you don’t need to do it again. We will consider everyone for opportunities that may arise. If you can send us a summary of your story as well that would be really helpful. We particularly need more stories about Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Our focus

We will be reporting during Facial Palsy Awareness Week on the lack of NHS services and care for people with facial palsy. We will also be publishing the results of our Ramsay Hunt syndrome survey and highlighting the lack of awareness about this cause of facial palsy.

Posters and downloads

Download links

Code 001 – Fundraising event poster (A4), Fundraising event poster (A3)

Code 002 – Emotional effects poster (A4), Emotional effects poster (A3)

Code 003 – Social effects poster (A4), Social effects poster (A3)

Code 004 – What’s Your Number sheet (A4), What’s Your Number sheet (A3) PLUS What’s My Number Instructions

Codes 005-009 – All Stickers (A4 Sheets)



If you have image editing software you may want to overlay your own images with our Facial Palsy Awareness Week stamp. Download the purple one (shown left). A white one is available on request.



Facial Palsy Awareness Week History

Facial Palsy Awareness Week first launched in March 2015, at the suggestion of volunteer Kay Turner.

Watch the Ben Lomond Challenge undertaken by 120 people from Scotland for Facial Palsy Awareness Week 2016:

Previous campaigns:

#sharemyhappy – People raised awareness of the fact that happiness isn’t always shown on your face. They also thanked those that support us during our facial palsy journeys.

#facemyday – Friends and family joined in by shaving half their beard off or wearing half-makeup during the week. They shared selfies on social media to raise awareness. The nail art community painted fingernails to raise awareness and shared on Instagram.

#straightface – we highlighted what so many take for granted, the ability to laugh unreservedly and to express ourselves using our faces.

#faceanewday – people took part in dawn walks to raise raise awareness of facial palsy and literally ‘face a new day’.

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